User Interface

Dealing with user interface on a translucent surface, first of all we had to do some research. In Adobe Photoshop we generated several test images. With these images we were able to check the color range our table is able to display. We also examined the strength of lines and possible heights of text elements.

In a second step, we took a closer a look at the color ranges. We displayed the RGB-colors plus white as gradients from 100% to 0%. As result we got a definition of the displayable color range for each color. We considered the fact that too bright colors would dazzle the user. Further examinations revealed that the colors from 20% to 0% were not diplayed at all. So the color definition for our table was the color range between 60% and 20% saturation.

With this knowledge we were able to design appropriate controllers for following functions:


  • Move
  • Rotate
  • Change size
  • Change red color
  • Change green color
  • Change blue color
  • Combined controller for moving and rotating
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